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Sick of PSY? Get ‘A Rat’s Tail’ for a real sense of Seoul.
From Gangnam Style sights to Burning Friday Nights, ‘As much as a Rat’s Tail’ is your invite to the inner circle of Seoul!

Seoul, Korea, April 29th 2014 – The authors of the book As Much As A Rat’s Tail, Peter Liptak and Siwoo Lee, have announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign. It aims to share the intricacies of Korean slang and culture not in any textbooks (what they’ll never teach you in class) by not only getting the newly edited 2nd edition published and sent out to backers, but also by adding some extra Seoul with an eBook version, a fab set of illustrated flash cards, some killer T-shirts and if the campaign overfunds, an enhanced ebook, posters and other swag, as well as a badass Korean Slang smartphone app for all contributors.

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#TIK:ThisIsKorea lets you to keep calm in the face of frustration

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