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Can I be your “bba”?

from Instagram: I'm your biggest fan! See more at / #쥐꼬리만큼 #learnkorean #ratstail #koreanslang #seoultips #badasskorean #TIK #Korea

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Swearing in Korean – shhh(ibal)!

Learn some slang from the GreyRat before you become the linguistic equivalent of a 99-pound weakling. Be careful!! Shhh! Don’t say these, but you should know what they mean . . . especially if you are watching gangster movies . . .   Korean Swearing in...

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Korean government sanctions out-of-wedlock baby factory!

Considering it’s history of sequestering pregnant teens and forcing them to give up their children to overseas orphan seekers, ostracizing any who dare to expose their sin to the light of day, refusing to hire single mothers, and even abusing innocent children with far more than simple ridicule, can the Korean government really have any chance of implementing a 180 in the Korean psyche?

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(non)Sense and (lack of) Sensibility

The Republic of Korea has an epidemic of suicides!

The high levels of stress in both confucian-influenced work environments and (even more so) schools, resulting in an incredible national average of 40 suicides per day. Some suggest that this is largely due to the unrealistic standards and excessive competition among mothers over how much better their son or daughter is than the neighbor’s kids, also called 엄친아 [eom-chin-ah], in a warped sense of keeping up with the Joneses.

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KOREAN SLANG 한국 비속어 한국인이나 외국인 모두에게 필요한 책, 재밌네!

모르면 당하는 세상이다. 배우고 싶지 않아도 배워야 하거나 알고 싶지 않아도 알면 도움이 되는 게 세상엔 있는 법이다. 비속어의 사용을 좋아하지 않지만 비속어의 뜻과 용도를 안다면 적어도 무시당하진 않는 법이다. 욕쟁이와 비속어 사용자를 그리 좋아하지 않지만 자기 방어 차원에서 알아두면 좋을 비속어들인 코리안 슬랭에 대한 책을 만났다.

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쥐꼬리만큼 reviews on Kyobo (As Much As a Rat’s Tail)

Korean Slang 쥐꼬리만큼 | 5점 만점에 5점
제 표지에 강남스타일 + 쥐꼬리가 눈에 띄여서 우연히 손에 들게 되었는데, 딱 맞는 각 상황에서 간혹 영어로 표현할 때 어떻게 표현하고 싶은데, 표현할 방법이 없고 했는데, 간단하게 해결책(?)을 제시해 주는 책이라는 생각이 들었습니다. 예제로 되어 있어서 쉽게 이해할 수 있고, 써먹을 수 있는 Situation이 조만간 오기를 바랍니다. 깜짝 놀라는 표정의 외국인 얼굴을 기대하면서 ㅋㅋ~~

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The grey rat is here!

Have you seen rat tails skirting the sidewalk of Seoul in a scary scurry? 쥐꼬리 to rival New York, but these fellas got more, with slang & dance in the mix.
#learnKorean #ratstail #koreanslang #seoultips #badasskorean #TIK #서울 #seoul_korea

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Such an effort!

Such an effort!… The mack daddy putting in a hard day’s work… #learnkorean #ratstail #koreanslang #seoultips #badasskorean #TIK #서울 #seoul_korea

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