You up for some 노가리까다 this weekend? We’ll chew the fat & shoot the shit till we run out of soju!

노가리는 본래 명태 새끼를 의미한다. 한국인들은 보통 술을 마실 때 말린 노가리를 안주 삼아 먹는다. 그러므로 노가리 까다는 문자그대로 “말린 노가리를 뜯다”가 된다. 술을 마 실 때 수다를 많이 떠는 것 처럼 killing time 또는 shooting the shit 을 암시한다.

A nogari is originally “a young walleye,” which in dried form is often eaten as a side dish when drinking alcohol. Thereby, nogari ggada would literally be “to pare dried sh.” The implication is that people tell stories while drinking, or when they have nothing else to do. . . like “killing time,” “chewing the fat” or just “shooting the shit.” Synonym: 뒹굴뒹굴 [duing-gol-duing-gol] kill time (aimlessly surf the internet

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