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son-of-a-bitchin’ cold; friggin cold; damn cold Definition: It’s ‘very’ cold. Similar to Fuckin’Cold, this is a way for a person to express their frustration with the cold…

Snowy Seoul

gae → very / chup-da → it’s cold. ‘gae’는 날씨 뿐만 아니라 다른 말들을 강조할 때도 사용된다. ex)개덥다. 개예쁘다. 개무겁다. etc. 여기서는 ‘춥다’라는 말을 강조하고자 쓰여졌다. gae (meaning dog) comes from the beginning of gae-sek-i (or son-of-a-bitch) It can be used in any situation to add power to an expression, not only for the weather. (be careful, don’t use this with your Korean teacher!)

Example: 어우, 개춥다! 지금 서울 개 추운데 “as cold as a witches brass tit.”라는 표현이 없어서 좇같아. 정말 개춥다! Ah, gae-chup-da! Too bad they don’t have a Korean expression for “As cold as a witches brass tit,” cause it’s friggin’ cold here in Seoul! Really gae-chup-da!

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