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This 된장녀 has got to go… (to the store)!


Need a sugar daddy, shop elsewhere. I got my own shit to buy!

So don't need this girl hangin' around looking for a sugar daddy. I got my own shit to buy! This #된장녀 [duen-jang-nyo] has got to go!#ratstail #koreanslang #badasskorean #TIK #서울 #seoul_korea #golddigger

So don’t need her hangin’ around lookin’ for a handbag handout. This 된장녀 has got to go… well, to the store anyway (to pick up another bag, probably with duenjang coming out of her ears). It gives new meaning to the term ‘bag lady!’ 
Don’t date a 된장녀 [duen-jang-nyo]! Priorities people!
#ratstail #koreanslang #badasskorean #TIK #golddigger

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