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The grey rat is here!


The grey rat is here! #learnKorean #ratstail #koreanslang #seoultips #badasskorean #TIK #서울 #seoul_korea
Have you seen rat tails skirting the sidewalk of Seoul in a scary scurry? 쥐꼬리 to rival New York, but these fellas got more, with some slang & dance in the mix. Ok, the upcoming BadassKorean App isn’t out yet, but it’s headed your way with rabid ideas scurrying in mind, so just give the grey rat your info, follow his tail for some slang on the way and we’ll notify you when the rat release is ready! #learnKorean #ratstail #koreanslang #seoultips #badasskorean #TIK #서울 #seoul_korea

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